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A long pistol conversion of the Buckmark Rifle is now available at a price of £619.00.  

This is a Blowback action .22 LR Semi Automatic Long Pistol. It has a ten shot magazine which inserts up through the hand grip, the bolt locks back after the last shot when the magazine is empty. The hold open catch, safety catch and magazine release button are on the lefthand side of the frame just above the wooden hand grip.To bring the Centre of Gravity back for single handed shooting, a ballance rod with adjustable weights is fitted to the bottom of the handgrip and extends rearwards.

The Conversion consists of removing the wooden stock and cutting off the frame extension onto which the stock fits. A stainless steel balance rod is then fitted to a hole drilled in the bottom of the handgrip just behind the magazine well. This rod is fixed permanently by a blind pin of hardened steel and engineering adhesive.  This makes the pistol total length 24 and 1/2 inches. Thus the pistol complies with the Law as a Section 1 firearm and may be held on a Firearms Certificate. A balance weight is fitted to the end of the rod and fixed by a grub screw.

The barrel is now shortened to 12 ¼ inches and the front sight re-positioned at the muzzle which has been polished and crowned. 

The rearsight is adjustable for windage and elevation and has two red fibre optic dots and the front sight has a green optic dot to align between the red when in the aim. Alternatively a Red dot Holo sight can be fitted to the weaver rail on top of the frame, these are available at £40.00 each.  

 The slide locks back when the ten round magazine is empty, the hold open catch, and safety catch are on the left side of the frame just above the grip panel and the mag. Release button is to the rear of the trigger also on the left.

The converted pistol weighs approx.1.4 Kg. and balances far enough back to shoot with one hand.

Converted Buckmark Long Pistols are available now from stock.

Light weight Barrel conversion

I am now offering a lightweight barrel conversion, where the barrel is turned down and the muzzle end threaded,this facilitate the fitting of an aluminium nut and shroud tube which tensions the Barrel and restores rigidity. The Barrel is then submitted for Re-Proof.

This modification saves approx. 320 grammes at the front of the barrel and makes the pistol feel even more user friendly.

As the open sights have been removed, a red dot sight, fitted to the weaver rail on the top strap will be needed. ( Fox Red Dot sight is available at £42.00)

Currently I have stock of Converted pistols with both the lightweight barrel and the standard weight barrel. they cost  £739.00 for the LW and £619 for the Std.

The Replacement Target sight rail using Britarms Front and rearsights is now available at £168.00.

I hope that now a reasonably priced .22 is available, some of our clubs will be able to encourage pistol shooting indoors on ranges that cannot be used for Black powder.

If you have any questions or want further details please don’t hesitate to ask. Email me at ags.westlake@virgin.net