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18th June 2012
As I have been unable to obtain Taurus LBRs from the importer for over a year and as Taurus Brazil refuse to supply me with revolvers without cylinders or the parts to make Muzzle loading Taurus Revolvers, saying that the UK market was not big enough for them to bother with. I have decided that, as of now, I will cease conversion of Taurus Revolvers, as if Taurus will not support the UK shooters then why should we buy their products. Now I will only supply Armscor Muzzle loading Revolvers. (They are cheaper too).

The Taurus ML Revolver is converted from a Taurus .357 Magnum Long Barrelled Revolver. The cylinder is removed and a Yoke extension fitted, this contains the spring loaded plunger that frees the action when the yoke is closed. As this extension cannot be removed, it prevents the re-fitting of the original cylinder. The Barrel is shortened to approximately 5 ¼ inches and the wristbrace is removed. 

A new cylinder is made which has pockets for shotgun primers at the rear with a small  flash hole through into the chamber at the front. The chamber is made to accept .357" lead  wadcutter bullets. 

Each chamber is charged with Herco powder ( as per .38 S&W Spl data) and then the bullet is pressed in. Once the chambers are charged the shotgun primers are inserted into the primer pockets at the rear of the cylinder. The loaded cylinder is slid onto the yoke from the rear and the yoke closed. The pistol is then ready to fire. 

A loading press is provided to facilitate seating of the bullets at a uniform distance into the chambers. 

The conversion of your pistol costs £360.00. Extra Cylinders are £189.00 each. If you do not have a pistol I can order a new pistol from the Importers. A Taurus .357 Magnum LBR currently costs £699.00


You will need a variation on your FAC for a .357/.38 Muzzle Loading Revolver, and for each extra Cylinder you want.