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Armscor of the Phillipines have modified their .38 Spl Revolvers to my designs and have manufactured for me, a Cal.357" Nitro burning Muzzle Loading Revolver, that fires .357" diameter 148gr Wadcutter bullets, using Herco smokeless nitro powder, ignited by 209  shotgun primers.

I modify the standard Revolver by fitting a Match grade Stainless Steel Barrel and a Target rib sight. This consists of a Weaver rail with "Britarms" target sights at each end.
The Cylinders on both versions remove for loading on the press provided.

Extra cylinders will be available when I have had time to develop them and make the tooling required for production. Cost will be decided once some have been made and I am able to work out the costings. They shouldn't be any more expensive than the Taurus Cylinders were.

Especially so that I can manufacture Muzzle loading Revolvers, Alfa supply me with part built .357 revolvers, that have never been completed and have no cylinders, thus they are not Section 5 prohibited firearms.
I then carry out various modifications and fit a Muzzle Loading Cylinder of my own design, the completed revolver is then Proofed as a Muzzle loading Revolver.

Alfa  4" & 6" Barreled  Muzzle Loading Revolvers £860.00.
Extra Cylinders £240.00 Each.

The cylinder can be removed rearwards from the open Yoke. The chambers are then filled with a measured charge of Nitro smokeless powder (3Gr. Herco) and a 148Gr. soft lead wadcutter or roundnose 357" diameter bullet is pressed in using the press provided with the revolver. The cylinder can now be re fitted on to the yoke and 209 shotgun primers fitted into the primer pockets by thumb pressure.
Once the yoke is closed the revolver is ready to fire.

Weaver sight rail
The rearsight is removed and a weaver rail can be fitted in its place  £55.00 each

Target Handgrips
Target handgrips with an adjustable palm shelf are available to special order, they cost £80.00 each.

For further information or to Check for availability, Email me at alan@westlakeengineering.com