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Armscor of the Phillipines have modified their .38 Spl Revolvers to my designs and have manufactured for me, a Cal.357" Nitro burning Muzzle Loading Revolver, that fires .357" diameter 148gr Wadcutter bullets, using Herco smokeless nitro powder, ignited by 209  shotgun primers.

Especially so that I can manufacture Muzzle loading Revolvers, Alfa supply me with part built .357 revolvers, that have never been completed and have no cylinders, thus they are not Section 5 prohibited firearms.
I then carry out various modifications and fit a Muzzle Loading Cylinder of my own design, the completed revolver is then Proofed as a Muzzle loading Revolver.

Alfa  4" & 6" Barreled  Muzzle Loading Revolvers £860.00.
Extra Cylinders £240.00 Each.

The cylinder can be removed rearwards from the open Yoke. The chambers are then filled with a measured charge of Nitro smokeless powder (3Gr. Herco) and a 148Gr. soft lead wadcutter or roundnose 357" diameter bullet is pressed in using the press provided with the revolver. The cylinder can now be re fitted on to the yoke and 209 shotgun primers fitted into the primer pockets by thumb pressure.
Once the yoke is closed the revolver is ready to fire.

Weaver sight rail
The rearsight is removed and a weaver rail can be fitted in its place  £55.00 each

Target Handgrips
Target handgrips with an adjustable palm shelf are available to special order, they cost £80.00 each.

Alfa Sport Muzzle Loading Revolver  
£1020.00    Extra cylinders £240.00

The Sport version has a different shaped barrel shroud, fitted with larger "Target" type open sights, The sides of the shroud have a groove running along the top of the edges which form a "weaver rail" so that a red dot sight can be fitted without having to disturb the open sights. They come with an adgustable palmshelf target grip as standard.

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Nitro .357 Charge Information 
The Powder I recommend in my Nitro Conversions is Herco. This is the powder it has been designed and proofed to use. If you cannot get Herco then use Blue Dot, or Unique or Green Dot. If you wish to use any other powder it is better to use a slow burning large grain powder. As, with the shotgun primers powerful flash and fine grain fast powders rapid ignition, you can get very high pressures in the chamber before the bullet starts to move, which may cause damage to the cylinders.   With regards to charge size, For the .357 cylinders always use the powder manufacturers recommendations for .38 S&W Spl. using a 148gr. lead bullet, starting with the minimum charge.
 A good start point with Herco and a 148gr wadcutter bullet would be 3 gr. With Green Dot 2.3 With Unique 2.6 And with Blue Dot 3.8 gr.
With Herco and a 148 gr. Soft lead bullet the Maximum charge is 3.5 Gr. With Green Dot its 2.9, With Unique its 3.3 and with Blue Dot it is 5.3gr.
Use more than this or with other powders I will accept no responsibility for damage caused by overpressure.
 Generally you will get the smallest groups using soft lead hollow base wadcutter bullets. Remember that the bullet is gripped at its base where the chamber diameter reduces by a thou. or two. If you put too much charge behind a hollow base bullet the skirt may be left in the chamber. Or worse still in the barrel, causing a bulge when the next round is fired.   You will find that as you decrease the charge one tenth of a grain at a time, the group size will decrease, until you start to get the occasional flyer, because they don't all stabilise properly; Come up a couple of tenths and this is your "standard" charge until you change something, when you will need to check again. 
 I use .38 fired cases with the necks "belled" to hold the measured charges, using a wadcutter inserted in the neck as a stopper. On the range you pull out the bullet, pour the charge into the cylinder and press the bullet in on top. 
Your local gun dealer should be able to get wadcutters for you. Edgar Brothers will supply them with Sellier & Belliot wadcutters.
I can supply bullets made to my specifications but carriage is very expensive, so you would need to pick them up from Salisbury or buy in bulk for a reasonable price for carriage. Email me for details and prices. alan@westlakeengineering.com


For further information or to Check for availability, Email me at alan@westlakeengineering.com