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BRITARMS  See the seperate Britarms section. The Britarms Long Pistol is now in production, as the ACPO have agreed with me that it is a section 1 firearm and have advised force licensing offices to issue variations to FACs which authorise their purchase.


I am sorry to say that the Phoenix has been taken out of production for the time being. Last year John Cooke, who made the grips died, and I have been unable to find someone capable of making them since. as I do not wish to get involved with the woodwork side as well as the metal, and as I have my hands full with other work, they are no longer being made. AW  February 2009

This is a Cal.36 in line striker Muzzle loading pistol. The Barrel/Receiver is made from Stainless steel, the frame is Anodized Aluminium, The Grip is carved from Walnut and has an adjustable palmshelf.The Rearsight is adjustable for Windage and Elevation.

The pistol components are shown below.

The single part Barrel/Receiver is a button pulled stainless steel barrel, machined out at the rear for the striker assembly. The Barrel base plug is screwed in first and secured with a locking grub screw from below. The nipple screws into the end of the base plug. The spring loaded striker is pushed into the rear of the receiver section and retained by a screwed plug,a cocking lever screws into the side of the striker and runs in a slot machined into the side of the receiver.

The Anodized Aluminium frame has two recoil dowels that fit into the receiver to absorb the shock loads of firing, the rear dowel also locks the rear plug in place. Four 3mm screws hold the barrel down to the frame. 

When the cocking lever is pulled back and the trigger pressed then released, The spring loaded sear lever pops up and will hold the striker to the rear, when the cocking lever is released.The sear lever is now held up by the trigger assembly. When the trigger is squeezed, it moves back compressing the light trigger return spring and plunger, until the rear of the trigger contacts the neoprene rubber trigger stop,further pressure will compress the rubber until the required pressure is reached, at which point the trigger releases the sear, which drops down to allow the striker to go forward and strike the cap on the nipple

The amount of sear engagement is adjustable by a screw on the trigger and the trigger release weight is adjustable by screwing the stop in or out of the frame.

The Palm shelf on the grip can be moved up and down to accommodate different sizes of hand.

The rear sight can be adjusted for windage and elevation.


Cost £435.00  Made to order.

This is an inline striker Cal.36 Muzzle loading pistol. It has a Stainless steel Barrel and receiver,the Frame is Anodized Aluminium and the Grip panels are made from Walnut. The rear sight is adjustable for Windage and Elevation.

The function is similar to the Phoenix.

The Clubmaster components are shown Below.