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For Browning Buckmark.22LR "Long Pistol"  Please go to seperate Buckmark section.

As I am so busy with the Alfa and Armscor conversions I no longer have time to convert Black Powder Revolvers to use Nitro Powder. Sorry.

         Remington Army based Cal. 38 Nitro Conversion

Westlake Nitro Revolver Conversion


Your Revolver can be converted, or a new pistol provided, ready converted to your specifications.


The conversion consists of a new Two part Stainless Steel cylinder. The front part has a forward chamber for the bullet with a reduced diameter for the Nitro powder charge. A small flash hole is drilled into the rear primer pocket, which takes a Shotgun Primer. Current production cylinders have longditudinal lightening flutes as shown on the Ruger below. 

The rear section is keyed onto the front part by two dowel pins and has a firing pin for each cylinder and the ratchet cut into the rear face



The Chambers will be bored out to suit the caliber of your Barrel, however on the .38 version, the Barrel is replaced with a Stainless Steel Target grade Barrel of 1 in 10 twist and the Cylinder made to accept .38 Wadcutter bullets. A Loading press can be provided to load wadcutter Bullets off the gun.

Cost of conversion, retaining old barrel  £ 385.00 

Cost of .38 Nitro Conversion including new Barrel £ 550.00

                .38 Nitro with Target Rib Sight

          Fitted to a Remington Army based Nitro .38

The Target Rib sight uses the Britarms rearsight element with a 4.8mm notch which adjusts for windage. The 4mm wide front sight is adjusted using the screwed barrel to lift it, giving elevation adjustment. one click of the barrel equates to approximatly 3mm at 25 meters. 

Cost of Target sight rib £ 190.00

           Ruger old Army converted to Cal. 38 Nitro

Westlake Matchmaster ML Conversion

The Barrel of your pistol is removed and turned down to fit inside the Matchmaster shroud and a thread machined on the Muzzle end for the shroud retaining nut. The sights are the same as on the Target Rib Sight, giving the same superb sight picture. Once assembled the pistol is re-proofed.    

The matchmaster shroud does make it possible to change Barrels and Cylinders to have the facility of multi calibers on the same frame.

Cost of Matchmaster Shroud conversion £385.00

Cost of Multi Calibers P.O.A.


Your Muzzle Loading Pistol converted to a Long Pistol.To shoot .38 S&W Spl. Cartridges. 

New Stainless Steel Target Quality 1 in 10 twist Barrel.

New Stainless Steel Two part Cylinder chambered for .38 Spl. Cartridges.

 Cost of conversion  £ 550.00

Browning Buckmark .22 LR Long pistol

Please refer to the seperate Buckmark section.

For further details contact Alan Westlake             Tel. 07872057181