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Wiltshire Police confirm the Britarms Long Pistol is a Section 1 Firearm and ACPO agree with them !!!

If you want one I will make it for you. See Britarms and the Home Office. ( Button on the left )

Currently I am resisting making Britarms Pistols,due to pressure of work. I am trying to keep ahead of demand for the Buckmark LP and ML Revolver conversions. Britarms do take a lot of manhours to make and I would rather have a lot of people able to shoot Buckmarks, rather than a few shooting Britarms.

However, if you absolutly insist you must have one, give me your name and address and when I have time, I will build a batch then contact you, to see if you still want it. 


This is based on the .22LR Five shot semiautomatic pistol, that I used to make for ISSF Standard Pistol Competition shooting, before the Ban on pistol ownership in UK.

Some pictures of the prototype Britarms .22 Long Pistol are below.

You will see that the Barrel shroud has been machined away in front of the frame mounting lug, up as far as the center line of the Barrel tube. This leaves a spur at the top on which the front sight is mounted. The Barrel tube is 300mm long and 12mm in diameter. A 5mm Diameter Balance weight rod is permanently fitted to the rear of the frame, bringing the total length of the pistol to over 600mm, weights can be fitted to this rod to alter the balance if required. Other than that, it is identical to the original 5 shot semi auto .22 Britarms Standard Pistol.

Britarms Long Pistol Major Components

Britarms Parts are available for Pistols held outside the UK, and complete pistols can be manufactured to order, for use outside of Great Britain.

If you need parts for a Britarms Pistol please E mail me at alan@westlakeengineering.com