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We Manufacture Target Pistols that comply with UK Firearms Law

Due to having developed modern Smokeless powder Muzzle loading Revolvers, I no longer have the time to convert Black Powder Revolvers to shoot Nitro Smokeless powder. So now I only modify modern design revolvers into muzzle loading revolvers which use smokeless powder and soft lead bullets.

Although Cartridge loading "short firearms" are now banned in Great Britain, we have retained a pool of spare parts for the Britarms range of pistols that we used to produce in better times. In order to maintain those pistols that were sold abroad. All parts except the magazines are still available or can be made.

Long Pistols:  Cartridge loaded pistols can still be held on a Firearms Certificate for target shooting, provided that they have a barrel at least 300mm long and a total overall length exceeding 600mm.

 I still convert the Browning Buckmark .22LR Rifle into a long pistol format

Nitro powder Muzzle Loading Revolvers

The Pistols that we modify to use smokeless powder are:   

The Armscor 4" Barrel .38

Alfa .38 with 6" and 4" Barrels

Armscor Revolvers.  I import Armscor Muzzle loading revolvers, especially made for me to my design in the Philippines.

Alfa Muzzle Loading Revolvers

Especially so that I can manufacture Muzzle loading Revolvers, Alfa supply me with part built .357 revolvers, that have never been completed and have no cylinders, thus they are not Section 5 prohibited firearms.
I then carry out various modifications and fit a Muzzle Loading Cylinder of my own design, the completed revolver is then Proofed as a Muzzle loading Revolver.